About Us

Dewi Bebaris (Desa Wisata Bebek Mebaris) bring fresh and new choice for Bali culinary experience especially in Ubud.

Previously, this place known as Bale Udang Mang Engking Ubud, a branch of Bale Udang Mang Engking Kuta, an Indonesian Restaurant with Prawn, Fish, and Floating Bale as their signature. But, in 2018 this place introduced once again with ‘DESA WISATA Bebek Mebaris’ concept, carrying a vision to be the most popular ‘Desa Wisata’ (tourism village) in Ubud with a mission to give complete culinary experience with village ambience in Ubud.

As a first step, Bale Udang Ubud still be the main culinary brand at Dewi Bebaris; abbreviation of Desa Wisata Bebek Mebaris. A new brand called Bebek RAJA was presented too at Dewi Bebaris, serving a special Balinese duck dishes that well known as a signature culinary in Ubud, as well all over the world.

Dewi Bebaris, with more than 2 Ha large total, have much variety of facilities and will expanding more as a tourism destination village in Ubud. With a huge parking space and outdoor venue called ‘Kebun Pisang’, fitted for any kind of activities such as music event, art, team building, or family event. For daily usage, Kebun Pisang was used for routine sport activities, picnic, and kids playground with traditional toys.

Dewi Bebaris has a ricefield area as a view facility and local culture education to planting rice and manage a ricefield. With ‘THE LELAKUT’ name, this area will be filled with art installment as an exploration method and local art exposition, once with photo object. As a daily routine entertainment, there’s a ‘Bebek Mebaris’ (Duck Line-Up) parade too, as well to match ‘Desa Wisata Bebek Mebaris’ name.


The facilities which has already existed at Dewi Bebaris is BALE UDANG Restaurant (with Udang Bakar Madu / Honey grilled prawn, and Floating Bamboo Bale top of Fish Ponds signature), BEBEK RAJA Restaurant (with Crispy and Spicy Duck signature), KEBUN PISANG (Outdoor venue and playground), and THE LELAKUT (Paddy Field Venue). And the facilities that we’re still developing are KEBUN SENIMAN (Outdoor ArtSpace and Fruity Garden), Warung KOPI OPO JAMU (Bali Coffee and Herbal), UMAH OLE-OLE (Traditional Gift Shop), UMAH DADONG (Traditional Kids Playground), and many more to come. Carrying the tagline; “WELCOME BACK TO HOME VILLAGE”, Desa Wisata Bebek Mebaris want to presenting and want to be a HOME VILLAGE for all their guests.